Ethan Clapham

Ethan Clapham

The one with the beard

About Me

I'm the one with the beard. I'm a software developer and computer geek. I love getting outside for a good run or long hike. I enjoy camping, backpacking, movies, and video games. I believe that the spicier my food is, the better, regardless of what I'm eating.

I've got too great dogs (Scout and Ripley) and a beautiful and amazing wife (Mia).

About The Beard

The beard has no name. It is known simply as "The Beard". It is a product of my disdain for shaving. It is very low maintenance. It does not ask for fancy shampoos or conditioners. It does not request to be brushed, combed, trimmed, or braided. No, it is not hot, not any more than the hair on my head.

No, you may not touch it.


You can see what I've been up to lately on Google+ or contact me directly via email.

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I love building things for the web. I'm currently working with Groovy and Grails, with a front-end powered by ExtJS and JQuery. I enjoy working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I have experience with Adobe Flex and PHP.

I strive to be an excellent generalist, comfortable in any part of the stack.

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